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This project is a portal of consciousness for collective and personal empowerment and healing that reunites thousands of people from different countries and backgrounds, sharing the compatible dreams and visions for creating a better world.


Through the platform of online meetings with translation to multiple languages, we gather healers, agents of transformation, artists, native leaderships, social, environmental and spiritual visionaries, to contribute with their tools, experiences and inspirations for this creation.

How did this movement start?

This movement started in the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, reuniting more than a thousand people and different countries to send healing and change the vibrational pattern of corona-virus into a harmless thought-form. Since then it has been promoting gridwork for planetary healings, and inspirational space for envisioning and practicing highests possibilities for the collective on earth. 

Oportunidades voluntárias
Garotas Brasileiras

Grid work

Everything is vibration, and it is possible to create instant planetary transformation, by acting in coherence with Love's Intelligence. We believe that by gathering a larger number of people we can create a bigger electromagnetic field of change that can reverberate on the planet. That has been one of the biggest missions of the Global Healing Movement so far.


Through the meetings, we experience the power of focused prayer and collective intention, acting on where it is most needed at the moment, such as environmental disasters, humanitarian crises, etc. At the same time that we act towards worlds issues, each participant receives nurturing and support for its personal journey.

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