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Mother and Father Portals

Bebê recém-nascido

Mother and Father are the primordial archetypes and forces that compose the foundation for our experiences in life. Other than in native cultures that are really collective based, mother and father are the main references that taught us unconditional or conditional love, that provide the presence or absence that will develop many beliefs and orientations throughout our life.

But the truth is that regardless of how you were raised, for you to exist right now, both your father and mother gave a YES to your being! Even if after that you felt abandoned and were adopted, even if you were almost aborted, on a spiritual level a big YES has happened to allow your spirit to flow into this material and beautiful experience on earth. 

To make peace with those two references, is to make peace with your origins and who you are. This is the first step, but it does not stop there. We will give you the opportunity to really take the Father and Mother energies, and these open the Portal for something much bigger:

The Mother is also the Divine Mother, the Mother Earth, the feminine energy that provides nutrition, care, embracement, fertility and soil. To take this energy is fundamental to open the flow of abundance in your life and to build the safety of True Love Bonds in your relationships.

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Mother and Father Portals

The Father is also the Divine Father, the masculine spiritual energy of guidance, protection and potentiality. To take this energy is essential to have the bravery and support to expand into the unknown, exploring new fronts of work and adventure in your life. It is also the foundation for your spiritual structure and proper discernment.

Together Father and Mother energies create a completion that gives you the experience of Source's love for you, reestablishing the experiential trust in the unfailable presence of God. This allows you to move forward healing traumas, illusions and fears of rejection and abandonment, taking full responsibility for your life. Full responsibility for receiving love, and therefore expanding into another level of freedom and structure to be, express, have success and materialize your dreams. 

Working with those portals, we watched people having huge transformations and fulfilment. Moving from a child mind state, freezed in lack or fear, to an empowered state of Beingness, the experience of the magnificent being that you are.

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