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Meditation technique and spiritual philosophy that connects you with the Source of Unconditional Love, training your mind, body and spirit to remember the unlimited power of creation that is your True Nature. Through a simple meditation, you access a Delta and Theta brainwave that opens your intuition, creating a space of communion where you can command and witness instant healings, miracles and transformation. 

It was created in 1995 by Vianna Stibal during a spontaneous healing of a cancer, and since then has become a renowned healing technique that helps millions of people in more than 160 countries.


Any and all challenges that you can be facing in your life have a purpose in your subconscious mind; it doesn't matter if it is a disease, a financial issue or an emotional imbalance; at the same time, any and all transformation that you might need is already available for you. It's your birthright to connect with the Intelligence of Pure Love and create Abundance, Peace, Health and Joy in all areas of your life.

ThetaHealing® will teach you to reprogram the limiting belief patterns of the subconscious mind, opening space for wonderful possibilities. It goes much further than positive thought, because it works with your deep subconscious and the Divine Source, bringing new virtues as a feeling, knowing, understanding and being in all the cells of your body, expressing instant transformation in your life.

“Christ said: this and more, you can do”

 ThetaHealing is not a religion, and yet embrace all religions in your essence of faith in Divine Love. You will learn that you are the author of your life and that nothing is impossible, if you dare to believe.

To book individual sessions, click here. To join online and in person courses, click here.


ThetaHealing Foundation Courses

Basic DNA

3 days of intensive initiation and healing that give you the road map of this powerful technique

Advanced DNA

Receive more than 500 downloads of virtues that will prepare you to a quantic leap + expanding your practice with the planes of existence, healing of the baby in the womb and much more

Digging Deeper

10 different types of digging that will give you a stable foundation to work with theta + support you to do big transformations in your subconscious mind with more easiness

Relationship courses:
(pre-requisite Digging Deeper)

You and the Creator
You and the Earth
You and your Inner Circle
You and your Significant Other
World Relations

(pre-requisite all Relationship courses or Intuitive Anatomy)

Rainbow Children
(no pre-requisites to join)
Other courses:
(pre-requisite Digging Deeper)

Manifesting and Abundance
Soul Mate
Game of Life
Rhythm to a Perfect Weight
Intuitive Anatomy

Diseases and Disorders 
(pre-requisite Intuitive Anatomy)

Planes of Existence 
(pre-requisite Intuitive Anatomy)

Know your ThetaHealing Instructors

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Ana Rosa & Marcela Arantes

Ana Rosa and Marcela Arantes have been ThetaHealing® instructors since 2016, having supported hundreds of students to change their lives with this sacred technique.

They are certificate in the most advanced courses of ThetaHealing® and embodied the depths and beauty of this philosophy in their daily lives. They have done several works in partnership with some of the most skilled thetahealers in the world, also having translated the founder of ThetaHealing Vianna Stibal and her son Joshua.  

Over these years, they took courses with Vianna in her home base Montana (USA) and other countries, always deepening their mastery with this powerful tool. Ana Rosa is a ThetaHealing certificate of Science.

Ana and Marcela also have several other tools such as deep emotional listening, multidimensional arts, frequencies of brilliance, sacred sexuality, kriya yoga and others; holding a wide experience and a strong foundation of love and light to support your path.

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