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Compassionate Joy

Awakening to the Intelligence of Love
Image by Nidheesh Kavalan


Awakened Beings have the Power to Create a World of True Beauty and Peace

In the heart of every human being there is an infinite potential, which is the key to bring an inner and outer world filled with Love, Joy and Peace.

Within this sacred space there is a seed of Creative Light, the Intelligence of Unconditional Love, and once this seed awakens and we remember who we really are, nothing can corrupt or limit our creations.

We believe that each being that awakens has the genuine desire to collaborate to create a better world, offering their gifts, talents and unique vibration to nurture the dream of living in harmony, love and prosperity with others and the Earth.

Here you will find tools and pathways for activating your sacred heart and connecting to the Source of Unconditional Love. You will find partners of vision and spiritual nourishment, where you can re-establish your hope and expand your leadership for planting, cultivating and celebrating this new world.

Healing Techniques

Want to remember your original vibration?

Know the tools and experiences that support us in the path to remember and embody our true self, and that today we offer as trainings, workshops, retreats, individual sessions, group energy healing and online meetings

Energy Healing Classes | Online & In Person

A world of possibilities ahead you

This is a living platform where we are always adding new classes, courses and experiences, according to our discovering, partnerships and creations. We do not intend to just advertise ourselves, because what motivates us is a bigger sharing, we find the Joy of life in relationships.

This is a space to support your personal and our collective journey, to activate your own knowing, passions, and aspirations. Check some of the next courses and activities that are pulsating right now!