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The Art of Healing

Learn the essential principles for you to improve yourself as a therapist and healer; this course will also help you to anchor your journey of spiritual development and self-healing. With recorded classes, meditations, exercises and practices, the Art of Healing will give you the necessary structure to expand to the next level of your mastery, gaining confidence, depth and security in your ThetaHealing sessions or other healing practices in general.

In this course we will dive into:

1. Enhancing the Power of Testimony in a Session

Regardless of the healing technique you practice, in this course you will learn that the good therapist and healer is the one who opens itself to channeling the energy of Unconditional Love, allowing this intelligence to be its guide.

2. Anchoring the Source Light through the Inner Work

Learn the importance of the inner work in your healing practice. The more we clear our own distortions and sufferings, the more space we have to truly anchor the Creator's Energy and our True Self, allowing the magic of infinite possibilities to be present and aligning us with the best possibility for us and the client.

3. Emotional Deepening and Quality of Presence

In this principle, we will learn how to be comfortable and intimate with our own emotions, providing a safe space for their expression. As healers, we will understand the emotions as a flow of Energy that plays a key role in the healing process of the client and our own.

4. Openness to Receive the Spiritual Gift of Life's Experiences

After welcoming our emotions, this principle will welcome and integrate the challenges and experiences lived to the present moment in order to take the next step of growth and liberation, learning to see the experiences of life in its full potentiality, as gifts that the soul chose in order to develop different masteries in life.

5. Expansion of Self-Love through Faith and Trust in the Love of the Source

In this moment of the course, we will look at the development of self-love and self-compassion as a way of re-establishment the trust in Source's Love, realizing that we were never alone or helpless, and that there was not a single moment where Source loved me less or stopped loving me. 

6. Alignment with the Soul Purpose and the Virtue of Service

After realizing the Source's Love for you, this principle will work with the moment that this Love overflows to all beings, awakening to your Soul's Purpose through the virtues of service and compassion.

7. Acquiring more Ownership and Security in your Practice

For those working in healing, the practice carries the experience of Truth and brings us ownership of what we do. This principle will help us understand that it is necessary to know and practice the technique to develop the mastery of healing.

8. Healer's Self-Care and Nurturing Practices

This principle will work on ways of keeping the flame of passion and purpose on by continually finding ways to nurture your practice as a healer, while respecting the needs for transformation and maturation that you may find on your journey.

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